Maglite Magcharger

 The Magcharger is the best overall flashlight you can get. It has 30,000 candlepower at full charge. High powered halogen bulb, Spot to Flood beam with linear focusing, machine tooled aircraft aluminum, heat and shatter resistant lens, lifetime warranty. Comes in a variety of packages:




  Stinger Flashlight

The Stinger flashlight is made of virtually indestructible machine tooled aircraft aluminum. 15,000 candlepower, standard charge provides maximum of one hour of continuous burn time after a 10 hour recharge, up to 1000 times. Fast charge in 2 1/2 hours.

   Stinger LED DS   
  • DUAL SWITCH TECHNOLOGY – Access any of the three variable lighting modes and strobe via the tail cap or the independently functioning head-mounted switch
  • High performance flashlight delivers 267% more intensity than a Stinger DS LED
  • C4® LED Technology. Shock-proof with a 50,000 hr. lifetime
  • C4® LED increases the brightness w/ up to 3X more light intensity
  • Illumination output:
    High: 48,000 candela (peak beam intensity); 200 lumens
    Medium: 24,000 candela (peak beam intensity);100 lumens
    Low: 11,000 candela (peak beam intensity); 50 lumens
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range targeting beam w/ optimal peripheral illumination
  • Optimized electronics provides regulated intensity
  • Runtime:
    High: 2 hrs.; Medium: 3.75 hrs.
    Low: 7.25 hrs.; Strobe: 5.5 hrs.
  • 3-cell, 3.6 Volt sub-C NiCd battery is rechargeable up to 1,000 times
  • 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum w/ non-slip rubberized comfort grip
  • O-Ring sealed construction
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch-resistant coating
  • IPX4 Rated for water-resistant operation
  • 10 hr. steady charge, 2.5 hr. fast charge, or PiggyBack® charger
  • PiggyBack® option allows the user to simultaneously charge the Stinger DS LED and a spare battery

  Ultra Stinger

The Ultra Stinger is machine tooled aircraft aluminum with O-ring seals to protect inner workings in the most inclement environments. Self cleaning switch for easy maintenance. Variable spot to flood beam. 65 minutes of continuous burn time and 30 hour lamp life. 12" long and weighs 1 pound. 75,000 candlepower.

Ultrastinger LED:  Replicates the size, shape and feel that you loved about the original UltraStinger, and features current LED technology that produces a powerful 1,100 lumen beam with superior down-range performance - lights up objects as far away as 510 meters!