Handcuffs and Leg Irons 

ASP - Available in various colors

  Hinged Handcuff:     A55203.........$56.00

Standard Handcuff:   A56104.........$45.00



Model 801: Hinged handcuffs feature double hinged design. 22 locking positions. 11 oz, Satin Finish. Comes with 2 standard keys.   Stock #: PR4801     (Nickel or Black)   

    BEE Price: $39.00

Model 703: Leg restraints feature a 15" heat treated steel chain. 20 locking positions, 20 oz, Satin finish only.    (PR4743N)      

     BEE Price: $50.00


Smith and Wesson

Model 1: Universal handcuffs adjust to fit large or small wrists. 28 locking positions, 12 oz, Nickel finish only. Comes with 2 standard keys.     Stock#: 350132        BEE Price: $35.00

Model 100: Standard handcuffs have 20 locking positions. 10 oz, Comes with 2 standard keys. The optional pair of blue handcuffs eliminate glare.  Stock#: 350135          BEE Price: $35.00

 Model 300: Hinged handcuffs feature a double hinged design. 20 locking positions, 11 oz, Comes with 2 standard keys.   Stock#: 350095        (Satin or Blue)            BEE Price: $40.00