LED Dash and Deck Lights



 LED Dashpro:  (118700) This light has 80 led's with 7 different flash patterns, weighs only 12 ounces and is a very reliable light.

    All colors:   $240.00     

LED Dashlight: Compact and reliable technology makes the LED Dash Light the perfect light for the dash or rear deck mounting. Available in 7 different color combinations.


LED Visor Light: The Visor Light has 80 high intensity LED's to produce a far reaching light that won't wash out. Has 7 different flash patterns, attaches to visor with velcro. Available in 11 color combinations.  
Micro-Lite: (119000) Waterproof lights mount on dash, deck, grille, trunk or pushbar. Clear lens cover protects 40 high intensity amber, blue, green, red or white LED's. Specify Black or Chrome ABS plastic housing. Bail mount not included.

All Colors    without clear cover:  $30.00          with clear cover:  $45.00


LED Flasher: Has 7 flash patterns: Single, Double, Quad, Alternating, Alternating Variable Speed, Simultaneous Variable Speed and Random.  This flasher is available in a Strobe Flasher Model also giving you a quicker flash pattern. Also a flasher with 27 flash patterns-click on the drop down bar for that pricing..



Flatliner LED: The LED version of the Flatliner. Available in Red/Red, Red/Amber, Amber/Amber, Red/Blue, Red/White, Amber/Blue, Amber/White, Blue/Blue, Blue/White, White/White.

Slim Miser LED: Duall 5mm LED Panels, side by side with ScanLock Flash Patterns, includes a cigar plug with on/off switch and California Flash Patterns

SMLL: Red, Blue, Amber, Blue/Red, Blue/White and Red/White:         $140.00

Slimlighter Super LED: Has 6 Super LED's on each panel, 20 different flash pattern switch, on-off switch,  cigar lighter cord and a swivel bracket with suction cups. Available in Red, Blue, Amber, Clear.