Responder HD Series Minibar:  
Six Super-LED® Modules, Amber, Blue or Red, Permanent Mount

Permanent Mount:   $875.00

Magnetic Mount:     $890.00



This mini bar is available in a halogen rotator model and a strobe model. Both offer you a low cost, highly effective lightbar. Specify lens color: Red, Blue, Amber, Clear

013269 - 3 or more:  $165.00 each

Luminator LED Mini Bars
Luminator LED Mini Bar: (121224)   All Colors - Same Price:
   Permanent Mount:  $390.00       Magnetic Mount:  $405.00
Exceptionally bright light from 24 LEDs with Total Internal Reflection optics commands attention in hazardous situations.
  • Diffusing lenses on 18 of the 24 LEDs horizontally disperse each flash in a wide-angle pattern providing 360° of visible light.
  • Choice of Luminator LEDs in five colors: amber, blue, green, red and white.
  • Models 12.1224.A00 and 12.1224.A08 are SAE J845 Class 1 certified.  (Amber)
  • Solid-state LED flasher with 12 user-selectable flash patterns.
  • Magnetic-mount models include an adapter plug with a POWER rocker switch and a MODE momentary switch.
  • Low-profile design improves fuel efficiency.
  • Extruded aluminum base. UV-resistant Lexan dome with gasket.
  • End power cord location.