Customer Service Ordering Instructions

Paying by Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa)

May be emailed but phone calls are more secure.

If you are paying by credit card we will need the following information: ($25.00 minimum for cards - should the order be less than $25.00, the difference will be added to the total amount bringing it to $25.00)

1) Name as it is printed on the card;

2) Address of the cardholder (this will be the card billing address)

3) Card Type (MasterCard-Visa),16-Digit Number, Expiration Date, 3-Digit Verification Code (on back of card);

4) Shipping Address (including City, State, Zip);

5) Contact Telephone Number, Email address (this is necessary so we can contact you with shipping cost info and to let you know how much has actually been charged to your card or to verify the order);

6) Order: (Item Make, Model, Stock Number, Color, Size, Quantity, Total)

7) Special Instructions: (Anything else we need to know to complete the order.)

Paying by Money Order or Check If you are paying with a personal check, shipping may be delayed until check clears. Money Orders/Cashiers Check orders will be processed the day of receipt. Call for shipping costs before sending payment. Items 4,5,6,and 7  above are needed for this type of payment.
Tennessee Residents All Tennessee residents must include 9.75% sales tax to all orders except for tax exempts. 
Hazardous Materials Some items offered, such as flares, will have a "hazmat" fee added to shipping cost. Call for this fee.
Restricted Items Some items offered may require a copy of an officers credentials in order to complete the order. This will be maintained on file and will not have to be provided in the future. A letter of authorization from the Chief/Sheriff may also be required depending on the item.
Return/Refund Policy No item may be returned without prior authorization. Items may only be returned if the item received is NOT what was ordered. Make sure the item ordered is what you want. If it is the item that was ordered, then the item may not be returned. If an item has been repaired or replaced by the manufacturer and there is still a problem - the manufacturer is responsible.  Any refund will be at the sole discretion of the owner of Byrum's Emergency Equipment. Any item that is authorized for refund, must be returned with the original packaging and must be in good condition and not damaged/scratched/worn in any way.
The following items can not be returned for credit or replacement:

  • Body Armor
  • Defense/Pepper Spray
  • Batteries
  • Gloves
  • Personal Communications Products (Including EarHugger [VIDMIC] and Code Red Headsets Products)
  • Headwear
  • All PDU Apparel (Professional Dress Uniform)
  • Smith & Wesson Component Kits and Parts
  • Product with retail price marking of any type
  • Opened packages or packages showing evidence of tampering
  • Product not in original packaging, including case pack goods
  • Forensic testing supplies, equipment or drug and or alcohol testing kits
  • First aid or trauma treatment products
  • Worn or shopworn products

Any special order products (including but not limited to): specific apparel fits, vehicular modification or customization products, special sidearm holsters or carriers, any apparel with custom embellishment, any hard goodsrequiring special embellishment, any product purchased for fulfillment of agency purchase order.

Warranty All new items sold carry the manufacturers original warranty. All used items purchased are "as-is" with no warranty available.
Product Liability of Improper Use Byrum's Emergency Equipment will not be held responsible for the illegal or improper use of any item purchased. Legal use responsibility is on the purchaser. Check local laws prior to purchase for compliance. Returns or refunds will not be authorized for an item the customer purchased then discovered he could not use it.
Improper Use/Installation Byrum's Emergency Equipment will not be liable for any item that was not installed by this Company or used in an improper manner and became damaged. Nor will we be held liable for any item installed after our work that is "tied into" the wiring system we installed.  (ie, a vehicle is fully equipped then someone else adds a camera system then the lightbar shorts out because of a wiring short. Since the camera system was tied into a lightbar wire, no warranty repairs exist.
Right to Refuse Sale Byrum's Emergency Equipment reserves the right not to sell certain items to individuals who are not employed by a law enforcement agency, fire department, rescue squad, military unit, etc.  Also should there be a poor payment history, the sale may be delayed until receipt of payment in full with the order.
Purchase Orders Purchase orders will be accepted after an account has been set up. First order must be paid by credit card, money order, company check, unless prior arrangement have been made.
OverSeas Orders Byrum's Emergency Equipment will not ship to any country overseas.  All overseas orders will only be shipped to a USA address.  FPO/APO addresses are considered USA addresses. Shipments to Canada will be honored.