Strobe Kits  

ALERT::::If anyone tries to get Xprite strobe tubes off of Ebay to save money - DON'T- they are NOT compatible with any standard strobe power supply. After about 20 minutes of use they will get hot and melt. I tested some and they were on the verge of melting and catching fire with a 60w power supply. They are wired like Federal Signal so the wiring has to be changed to work on other power supplies.. What Xprite does not tell you is that evidently you MUST use their power supply in order for them NOT to get hot and melt.


This kit contains (1) 60 watt-6 Outlet Power Supply, 4 clear strobe tubes and 4 (15') shielded cables.    

These replacement strobe tubes come in Clear, Amber, Blue, Red, Green. Amp connector is inlcuded.   

For 20 or more Clear tubes: $27.00 each    For 20 or more Color tubes: $34.00 each