05.4000 Control Box

Features a totally enclosed switch box utilizing 4 each lighted, single pole, single throw, rocker switches. Each switch is individually fused at 20 amps. Attractive black powder coated steel case for durability. This box comes complete with adhesive labels for identification and bale mounting bracket. All switches are pre-wired for end user convenience. If you need higher power requirements, look at 05.4040 Control Box where the first switch is wired to a 40 amp relay and a 40 amp circuit breaker.

     054004 - 5 or more:  $115.00 each

05.6040 Control Box

Comes complete with 6 lighted single pole, single throw individually fused rocker switches for fingertip control of all your lighting functions. Above each switch is a legend. An LED display provides a soft background to offset the black type of the legend. Black powder coated steel case. Includes bale mount. First switch is wired to a 40 amp relay and a 40 amp circuit breaker for higher power needs.

     056040 - 5 or more:  $170.00 each




Heavy duty switchbox with one 40 amp switch and five 20 amp switches. Lighted.

  5 or more: $135.00


Switch control with built in relays for Ultra HC, 9404, 9406 and 9438. Standard switching.

  5 or more: $200.00